Rosalie H. Maheux — CV

Lives and works in Toronto, Ontario, CAN. 

Visual half and member of STRANDS. 



2010-2014    Honours Bachelor of Arts - Specialist in Studio with High Distinction, 

                     University of Toronto at Scarborough, Toronto, Ontario, CAN. 

2007-2009  DEC Music, Classical Interpretation, Cégep de Sainte-Foy, Québec, CAN. 




2018 - (UPCOMING April), Third Space Gallery, Saint John, New Brunswick. CAN in collaboration with Flourish Festival in Fredericton,               New Brunswick. CAN.

2016 - "Behind the Glow", Gallery on Wade, Toronto. Ont. CAN.
2016 - "Messe Basse", Y+ Contemporary, Toronto, Ont. CAN.
2015 - "The Other Ceremony", James Contemporary, Toronto, Ont, CAN. 


2018 - (UPCOMING August-September), Truck Contemporary +15 Windows, Calgary,  Alberta, CAN

2017 - ARTSIDEOUT Festival at University of Toronto at Scarborough, (Commissioned installation work - Alumni Student). Toronto, Ont. CAN.


2016 - "Girls, Girls, Girls", Northern Contemporary, Toronto. Ont. CAN
2015 - “30 Under 30”, John B. Aird Gallery, Toronto. Ont. CAN. (Curated by Gary Michael Dault). 2015 - “Video Fever 2015”, Trinity                       Square Video, Toronto, Ont. CAN.
2015 - "Dual Desire", EEL Gallery, Toronto, CAN. Duo show with Maximilian Suillerot Wilke(Curated by Henry Heng Lu).
2015 - “Sidewalkscreenings.MOV”, Whipper Snapper Gallery, Toronto, Ont. CAN.
2014 - “Gnarl Fest 2014”, International and National Live Art, Lincoln Performing Arts Centre,  University of Lincoln, Lincoln, UK.
2013 - “Bend Over Exhibition”, Show Gallery, Toronto, Ont, CAN. (Curated by MelissaKoziebrocki).

2013 - “Mom, Tell Me That You Love It”, Gallery Image Foundry, Toronto, CAN.

2012 - “Seen/Unseen”, Gallery 1265, UTSC, Toronto, Ont, CAN. Duo show with Sarah Duffy


2015 - “SCOPE Miami Beach 2015”, Miami Beach, Florida, USA. (Selected work presented byGallery on Wade). ____________________________________________________________________________ 


2018 - Spark Box Residency - Emerging Artist Residency Award, Ontario, CAN (October 2018).

2016 - Eastside International Los Angeles ESXLA, Los Angeles, California, USA. 



2017 - Collective Arts Brewing, design for beer label serie 8 for Weaves band.

2017 - STRANDS, performance with Jasmyn Burke, Wavelength Festival, Toronto, CAN

2016 -  STRANDS, performance with Jasmyn Burke, Toronto Long Winter Festival, The Great Hall, Toronto, Ont, CAN. 

2013 - Projections and Visual, “Moi et Une Love Letter" by Alexa-Jeanne Dubé, Théâtre à Deux, Théâtre La Chapelle, Montréal, Qc, CAN. 



2017 - Kate Killet (February 2017) «Get To Know Strands: Toronto’s newest edition to Wavelength Music Fesival.», She does the CIty. know-strands-torontos-newest-edition-to-wavelength-music-festival

2017 - Tom Beedham (January 2017) «Strands / Ducks Unlimited / Colin Roy Gillespie», Exclaim Music. 

2017 -  Paris Zhang, «Vol. 63 Rosalie H. Maheux», 30sec film artists. 2017/01/04/rosalie-h-maheux-its-interesting-to-see-the-contrast-between-religion-and- the-feminist-view/

2016 - Olivia Ramos (March 2016) «Rosalie H. Maheux in conversation with Olivia Ramos» Work Untitled Magazine,

2014 - Sacred Circle III, Zine Nude edition, Waks Fruit Micro-Press, Toronto, Ont, CAN.

2013 - Christian Saint-Pierre (Septembre 2013) «Théâtre - Je t’aime moi non plus». Le Devoir.



2018 - Ontario Art Council, Artistes visuels et des métiers d'art Francophones – projets

2017 - Toronto Art Council, Emerging Artist grant 

2014 - “Doris McCarthy Prize”, Doris McCarthy Gallery, University of Toronto

2013 - “Lora Carney Life and Culture Award, University of Toronto

2012 - “Doris McCarthy Award”, Doris McCArthy Gallery, University of Toronto

2011 - “Neil Hoogstraten Scolarship in Studio” University of Toronto